Insurance brokers in Parramatta collaborate with their customers to identify their risks and explore how insurance is used to cover their properties and companies. Brokers give specialist advice on risk control and mitigation and the variety of insurance products available to them. 

They use their in-depth knowledge of risk and the insurance industry to define and plan for adequate insurance coverage both for companies and individuals.
Brokers have comprehensive knowledge of the variety of insurance plans available on the market and a network of business contacts, helping them negotiate the best rates on their clients’ individual needs. The same expertise and networks are also used to help clients settle claims as they occur.
Why Choose National Corporate Broking? 
Our vision 
To build a fully integrated Insurance Services business.
Our mission 
Our goal is to provide you with quality information and security and to help you manage your risks effectively. We are committed to upholding the highest level of honesty and professionalism and to providing you at every point with superior service and excellent guidance.
Our strength 
Empathy, Connection, Enthusiasm, Sincerity, Respect, Dignity, and Innovation
About our team 
NCB Insurance Brokers has been meeting the insurance needs of Corporate, Commercial, and Small-to-Medium-sized businesses around Australia for more than 100 years.
Our awareness of the many different issues that our clients face when it comes to protecting their properties and livelihoods and managing their risks is very large. This is in line with our thorough knowledge of the insurance options that are currently on the market.
Tailored solutions 
We assist our clients in meeting their general insurance, claims administration, etc. needs. At National Corporate Broking, however, we understand that each customer’s needs are special so that NCB insurance solution is a customised solution.
We take the time to get to know the market and requirements of our clients. We will then provide them with the guidance and information they need to make an informed decision to secure their future.
High-quality insurance solutions (in brief) 
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Film and television equipment 
  • Construction and engineering 
  • Plant, machinery, and equipment 
  • Motor fleet and transport 
  • Business packages 
  • Professional risks 
  • Liability programs 
  • Trades insurance 
  • Strata insurance 
  • Corporate travel 
  • Claims administration 
Focused on you 
Little things are vital to us; it means that you can rely on us to deliver on any commitment we make. Big items are also important; our prompt and competent claims management ensures minimal interruption and disadvantage in the event of an unexpected occurrence. It’s all part of our determination to put our clients first; always.
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