The most relevant coverage you have could be public liability insurance. Not only does it pay out for lawsuits that may otherwise bankrupt a company, but it also deters clients and partners from using your services if you don’t have public liability insurance.
What is public liability insurance?
Your company may be held responsible if a customer or third-party individual was injured or something was destroyed due to your business activities. This means you’ll have to pay the compensation claim as well as any legal fees. If you have public liability insurance, these expenses will be covered.
Almost every company should have some public liability insurance. Accidents can happen against all precautions, and being exposed to a lawsuit can spell disaster for a growing company.
Public liability insurance is not typically a legal obligation, such as employer liability insurance. Still, the fact that it is intended to cover millions of lawsuits indicates just how necessary. There are not many companies that can run safely without this insurance. You have an ethical responsibility to compensate if someone suffers damage as a result of your company.
Importance of Public liability insurance
1. Avoiding financial ruin
One minor mishap could cost you enormous amounts of money if you don’t have public liability insurance. As if the legal costs weren’t bad enough, the medical expenses that result can put small businesses out of business altogether. Many public liability insurance policies cover both the court dispute and any medical expenses, allowing you to concentrate on your company rather than continuing legal and financial nightmares.
2. Protecting customers
You have a legal and moral duty as a business owner who constantly interacts with the public to protect them to the best of your capacity. Part of this is to provide peace of mind to your customers, but they sometimes do not consider protection until it is too late. Business owners are vulnerable to falling into the same pit, but the company cannot afford to take the risk. Suppose you do something that adversely affects your clients. In that case, an appropriate insurance policy guarantees that they can receive the coverage they need and deserve.
3. Enhancing the company’s image
Clients and consumers alike also seek out companies that are entirely insured if something goes wrong. Suppose a competitor has better insurance than you. In that case, you will be refused if you submit a proposal for a building project or apply for a government contract. Prospective customers may often equate having insurance with being trustworthy, which is usually the only type of business they are interested in. Public liability insurance with the required amount of indemnity cover is your best bet for getting hired.
4. Happening of accidents
Although you should still avoid causing harm to your valued customers, even though you take all of the requisite health and safety precautions, an issue can still occur. Businesses may go for long periods without having an accident. However, one will inevitably happen. You can’t afford to put your life in trouble by being apathetic about the dangers that come with your line of work.
What is covered by Public Liability Insurance?
Public liability insurance in Sydney covers a wide variety of risks, but the primary focus is on property damage and personal injuries.
Suppose you cause property harm or personal injury to another person as a result of your negligence or poor workmanship. In that case, that person has the legal right to sue you.
If the court finds you guilty, you might be forced to pay compensation in the thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars in some instances.
The insurer may get involved early in the process with public liability insurance to decide what you may or may not be liable for.
If they believe you are responsible, they will usually try to reach an agreement with the individual before taking the case to court.
If the case goes to court, the insurance provider will be by your side and will be responsible for any financial expenses awarded by the court, provided the event is protected by the policy and falls under the amount insured.
Final saying
The insurance helps increase the degree of trust between your company and its customers and collaborators. It is an important part of maintaining your company’s image as responsible and trustworthy. If you want public liability insurance for your business in Sydney then call us today. We have an experienced team who will help you and guide you in every way.
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